Game Writer

Every game on this site contains a portion of my writing style and personality.  Here are some recommended games and stories to provide a good sampling.


Showcase: Ghosts of Christmas _____

Want to see pure games writing, without the distraction of trivialities like gameplay or graphics?  Try the Twine text adventure I wrote for a holiday charity bundle.  Mixing Dickensian pomp with casual asides, the writing invites players to be complicit in an increasingly bizarre Christmas Carol homage.

The writing integrates many of the special techniques of interactive writing: conversation trees, story branches, user text input, and plenty of randomized elements.  I think it also shows how I’m able to invent a prose style to fit a specific tone and setting.


Leadership: Quicksilver: Infinite Story

During the production of Quicksilver: Infinite Story, I led a team of writers for a year.  I led meetings to develop the initial fiction, and then acted as producer to set schedules and milestones.  I created a pipeline for interactive recombinant writing, worked with writers to develop appropriate tones for characters and world, and edited their work for consistency and clarity.

Through that experience, I learned that a Lead Writer doesn’t actually get to do much writing.  I’m comfortable working in any level of the narrative process, from Creative Director down to prose stylist.

Other Recommendations:

Astronaut: The Best is my most recent game project.  The writing is surreal comedy, with outsize characters and procedural shenanigans.  I co-wrote it with David Mershon – the main storyline and anything from the High Priests was written by me, as were many of the trait descriptions and All-Seeing Eye events.

Interested in a pure writing sample?  Might I recommend “The Death of Comedy,” the first few chapters of a novel I wrote as an undergrad?

Most of my games are of a more comedic nature.  If you’re curious as to whether I can do more serious writing, might I recommend the short story “Coincidence” or my poetry?

One area that this portfolio doesn’t adequately demonstrate is my ability to plan a long-form experience with many story beats.  I’d be happy to talk more about the secret narratives I’d planned and documented for Rad Dragon’s The Moonlighters or Moonsault Saga, but I don’t want to just post them here on the off-chance we get a chance to make them someday.