Looking for a non-interactive prose sample, or a good story to read?  Hopefully one of these can help you out.

The Death of Comedy
Genre: Drama, comedy, soft sci-fi
A comedy writer must find his lost sense of humor if he wants to live forever.  My undergraduate honors thesis in Creative Writing, this represents the first few chapters of a novel.

Three Poems
Genre: Existential freakout
“New England Night Drive,” “Ode to the Physicality of the Mind,” and “Outside” were all written during my undergrad days.  The former won Hamilton College’s annual best poem award.

Genre: Surreal, suspense, downer
A man has a bad day.

The Lyricist’s Lament: A Jack Precarious Mystery
Genre: Mystery, parody, hypercaffienated
A hack folk-rocker murdered?  A dame grieving too much?  If the pieces don’t add up, Jack Precarious will add them up anyway.

Genre: Extremely silly
Submitted to a fantasy/action film content in <100% good faith.  Sort of the Deer Hunter X of this section.  They say it takes a great actor to play a bad actor, so maybe the same is true of writing?