Astronaut: The Best

My Role: Designer/writer/coder
with David Mershon (Designer/writer/coder), Julia Y (Art), Matt Zapp (Sound/music)

“Laugh-out-loud funny and refreshingly whimsical.”
– Kat Brewster, The Guardian

“I have literally never seen anything like this, and I mean that in an agonisingly enthusiastic way.”
– Alexis Kennedy, Founder of Failbetter Games and Creative Director of Sunless Sea

“I’m absolutely floored and surprised and happy and excited… I’m just so happy that this is a thing that exists.”
– Solon, Rainy Day Let’s Play

I’ve been working on Astronaut: The Best¬†long enough that it has shown at festivals including PAX West 2016 and GDC 2018 with Indie MEGABOOTH.¬† We’re hoping to release in 2021.