The Moonlighters

My Role: Designer/Writer/Coder
with Teddy Diefenbach (Design/Writer/Coder), Irene Koh (Art), Mari Arakaki (Art), Alexa Rockman (Art), Kenny Wood (Composer), Kahle McCann (Lyricist), and Emmett Lee Stang (Voiceover)

Official Selection – IndieCade @ E3 2012
Honorable Mention – Independent Games Festival 2012

“What I got to play at E3 was an absolute delight.”
– Patrick Hancock, Destructoid

“Moonlighters pays convincing homage to classic heist films of the past as well as capturing the gaudy, boozy glitz of 1950s Tinseltown.”
– Evan Narcisse, Kotaku

“If you’re not intrigued yet, I’m not sure we can be friends… I’m pleased to report that the heists are challenging to complete and the writing is remarkably witty.”
– Alex Wawro, PCWorld

“This is so awesome! …It was fresh and original, but it wasn’t so arty that you had to be in an art space to enjoy an indie game.”
– David Jaffe, Giant Bombcast

Website | Demo available upon request