Shove Pro

My Role: Designer, Writer, Developer
with Teddy Dief (Designer, Writer, Developer), Wesley Martin (Artist), John Carey, Harrison Lee, and Dustin Painter (Sound Designers and Composers), Psychic Bunny (Trailer Production)

Shove Pro is perhaps actually engineering a new genre… and the fact that it also has an airtight plot makes it all the more amazing.” – David Wolinsky, TouchArcade

Shove Pro is a very funny, cheeky game, but much more importantly, it’s a fun one. It’s a punchy, satisfying game to play, and it allows a lot of room for skill.
– Kirk Hamilton, Kotaku

Website | No longer available on iOS after 32-bit games deprecated 🙁

(Bonus Fact: The trailer above, written by Teddy and I, won a Silver ADDY Award from the Los Angeles chapter of the American Advertising Awards.)