Wintermoor Tactics Club

My Role: Narrative Designer / Writer / Composer
with Ben Walker (Project Lead / Engineer), Kyla Furey (Narrative Designer / Writer), and many others

“I’m absolutely stunned by how good this is… Grab this with both hands. It’s really solid stuff, a fun story, and a lovely entry-level tactical combat game, and indeed infinitely more accessible visual novel.”
-John Walker, Buried Treasure

“The story is a delight with well paced, snappy dialogue… the relationships between the students weaves a strong, believable background which plays excellently off the more fantastical story.”
-Anna Marie Privitere, RPGamer

Wintermoor Tactics Club is story-driven in the most beautiful way… I love everything about this game.”
-Alex Southgate, ThatVideoGameBlog

Wintermoor Tactics Club was published by Versus Evil.
It was released on PC 5/5/20, and on Switch, PS4, and XB1 9/10/20.
At the time of writing, the PC release has a 81 Metacritic and 92% positive reviews on Steam.

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