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I love songwriting, and I’ve written the soundtrack for many of my own games.  Most notably, I composed and produced the soundtrack for Wintermoor Tactics Club:

Dear World: The world map music. Warm and cozy, yet slightly wistful, to establish the overall tone of the game.  Inspired by classic JRPG music, given slightly homespun instrumentation and a fun beat.

Gate Crashers ~ We Are On Your Side: The final boss music. Driving and epic, inspired by Shoji Meguro’s Persona soundtracks and symphonic rock.  A very different tone from most of the game’s music, to underscore the otherworldly feel of the climactic encounter.

Tell Her How You Feel: Wintermoor is set in the 80s, so we needed an 80s-style power ballad for the end credits.  In-game, this song is written by one of the characters.  This features help from Samantha Vick on backing vocals and Matt Zapp on saxophone.

I’m also a songwriter/guitarist/vocalist in The Last Book Club, a rock band made up of Seattle-area game developers.  We released our first album in April of 2020.

Here are some older tracks from game jams and other projects:

Theme from Trichromatic: A chill yet upbeat score for an abstract roguelike about exploration.  The game was about shifting between three dimensions, so the soundtrack dynamically shifted as well.  This demo shifts between the three instrumentation styles layered over a constant base.

“Jumpkick Extreme” from Jumpkick Justice: A short loop of hyperactive NES-style chiptunes rock.

“Maximum Best” from Cyclyc: Cyclyc was a game where two players play separate action games, and cooperatively determine the level of difficulty.  To reflect the choices of the two players, I made an upbeat song that could dynamically change intensity.  One of the players had a 8-bit graphics, and was represented in the song through the chiptunes.  The other had more painterly graphics, and was represented through instrumental rock.