Spacewolves!:  Even space isn't safe... from wolves.

Spacewolves! was originally a board game developed by Kyla Gorman, Samantha Vick, and Mike Sennott, for Tracy Fullerton's introductory game design class at the USC Interactive Media grad program.  It was part of an "Up the River" variation assignment, in which we extensively modified a simple board game to become a tale of pulp space paranoia.  For anyone who might be curious or want to play it, we've decided to post up the rules and the panels so you can download it and make it yourself!

Here's what you need to do:

First, download the two game files - Spacewolves! Rules and Spacewolves! Panels.

Print out the panels in the Spacewolves! Panels file. (The final page is the box art - you don't actually have to do anything with that, it's just fun.)  Cut out the panels and glue them onto a large piece of cardboard.  Then cut out the cardboard around the panels.  Now you have the game board!

To play, you'll also need three or four sets of player pieces - three for each player. (The game is for 3 - 4 players.)  These can be anything, as long as they are small enough to fit 12 on a single panel, and each players' pieces can be distinguished from the others'.  For instance, if you have a "Sorry" game, you can poach three pieces of each color to use on the board.  If you don't have standard game pieces, you can also play with coins - one player gets three pennies, one gets three quarters, one three dimes, and so on.  You could also craft custom spaceman figurines if you so desire.

Finally, you'll need some dice.  Technically you could play the game with only one and re-roll it as you need, but we've found it best to have at least three dice, since most moves require rolling two dice at once, and some moves may require rolling three dice.  Read the rules for more information.

That's it!  You should be ready to play.  Read the rules provided in the other file, and set up the board as the instructions indicate.  Once you've played, we'd appreciate any feedback you might have - it can only help us get better.  Leave a comment at Kyla's blog, or email one of us.  Who knows, we might end up making a more sophisticated board game, video game, or animated series out of Spacewolves! in the future.

Also, you can buy Spacewolves! mugs, posters, and t-shirts at the Laika Fawkes store.  Enjoy playing Spacewolves!

Spacewolves! Desktop Background

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