Here are stories across a variety of genres that I wrote during my undergrad.  They are primarily here for preservation rather than portfolio, but you are welcome to read them to get a sense of my writing style.

The Death of Comedy (2009)

Genre: Drama, comedy, soft sci-fi

A comedy writer must find his lost sense of humor if he wants to live forever.  My undergraduate honors thesis in Creative Writing, this represents the first few chapters of a novel.

Three Poems (2008)

Genre: Free verse, existential dread

  • Hansmann Prize (Hamilton College Best Poetry Award), 2008

For a while during college, I primarily wrote poetry rather than fiction. I was even a member of the American Academy of Poets. “New England Night Drive,” “Ode to the Physicality of the Mind,” and “Outside” are the best-received poems I wrote during that period.

Coincidence (2008)

Genre: Surreal, suspense, dark

A man has a bad day.

The Lyricist’s Lament: A Jack Precarious Mystery (2008)

Genre: Comedy, mystery, noir parody

A hack folk-rocker murdered?  A dame grieving too much?  If the pieces don’t add up, Jack Precarious will add them up anyway.

FyreBlood (2008)

Genre: Comedy, film treatment, extremely silly

Submitted to a Legendary Pictures fantasy/action film contest in <100% good faith. Sort of the Deer Hunter X of this section.  They say it takes a great actor to play a bad actor, so maybe the same is true of writing?